About Us


Our aim is to operate successfully and profitably. It is our corporate philosophy that all brands and companies within the group are united, professional and oriented to achieving our common business objectives.

Our customers, business partners and employees rely on our competence and integrity. These qualities are the foundation of our reputation as an independent and credible authority in the sports sponsorship market. We are committed to this reputation.


Our credibility, in connection with our absolute neutrality and independence, is one of our most valued principles.
We enjoy the trust of our customers and all those who are touched by our work. This confidence is based on long-term success and a sustainable business model.
We strive to ensure our objectivity in every situation and to build upon the existing trust in our work and our values.


Our goal is to achieve excellence at all times and to exceed the expectations of our customers.
Excellent performance is achieved through outstanding commitment, innovative ideas, continuous improvement and astute thinking.
This dedication to excellence is evident not only in interaction with our customers every day, but also in the management of all activities and our collaboration with colleagues and staff.


We take our role as a global leader seriously – it comes with responsibility.
To successfully survive and thrive in the market we need to ensure growth, be open to change and continue to evolve.
This is the only way we can fulfill our responsibility to our clients, shareholders and stakeholders.
From the beginning, we have sought to transmit this responsibility to all our employees, giving them an active role in our success and our vision.

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